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About the Department

The Department of History & Indian Culture is one of the oldest Departments in the University of Rajasthan founded in 1950 under the headship of Prof. M.L. Sharma. Renowned historian Prof. G.C. Pande joined the Department in 1962 as Tagore Professor of History and Indian Culture. Under his learned and charismatic leadership, the Department gradually acquired a distinctive character with great emphasis on the Study of Ideas and Movements in History. The Department acquired its present form as the Department of History and Indian Culture in 1962 . The Department has had the honour of having eminent scholars like Prof. Mathura Lal Sharma, Prof. G.C. Pande, Prof. Satish Chandra, Prof. G.N. Sharma, Prof. Devendra Kaushik, Prof. M.S. Jain, Dr.Pratibha Jain, Prof. R. Nath, Prof. V.S. Bhatnagar and others as teaching faculty. The faculty members of the Department have made significant contribution to historical research in their respective specialisations. The Department offers graduate, post-graduate, M.Phil and Ph.D courses. Over the years new papers in the syllabi of the students have been added to enrich and contemporise the syllabi. Besides, the Department also runs a course of P.G. Diploma in Indian Culture.

Infrastructural Facilities

The Department is equipped with the Departmental Library known as Raghuvamshi Memorial Library having nearly 4000 books. In addition, the Department also possesses Professor M.S. Collection of nearly 1000 books. There is a Museum in the Department with various antiquities and artefacts along with required paraphernalia for archaeological studies.

Ph.D. Programme :

Thrust Areas

  • History of Rajasthan
  • Evolution of Ideas in History
  • Indian Historiography
  • History of Buddhism
  • Women's history
  • Historical tourism
  • Contemporary India

Masters Programme:
Master ofArts (History)

Seats: 120 Duration: Four Semesters (Two years)

P.G. Diploma Programme
PG. Diploma in Indian Culture

Duration One year Seats:60